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You’re ambitious. You’re determined. You're Motivated. Let’s reward those admirable attributes by treating you and your money.

Opening a Motive™ account is quick and simple. Don’t even think about getting tricked into ridiculous service charges. That's not how we roll. Think of it as giving you and your money a prize for coming in first place in squirrelling away your money. You deserve it!

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Banking has never been easier. You can open a Motive Chequing Account, a Motive Savings Account or both, without the inconvenience of visiting a branch. Applying is fast and easy.

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This is old hat for you, being the wise saver that you are. Our Motive Savings Account and Motive GICs are tailor-made for helping you get closer to your retirement goals, faster. Fill out our online application and keep that money growing!

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Let us help you achieve your goals with a TFSA. You never pay tax on the interest you collect and you can earn up to the contribution limits. Your rainy day fund will be ready for a hurricane by the time you’re done with us. Fill out our easy online application.